Client: Wildlife Artists, Inc.

When I left my job as an entry level production artists at an ad agency in NYC to work in my home town as an art director for a small family business – Wildlife Artists – I had a strong gut feeling that it would be a decision that would make me happier, and allow me to be more creative. So 22 years later, I'm thrilled that I'm still having fun doing what I love. Since I've left my position as Art Director at WAI to start my own freelance business in 2000, I have kept them as a client, and been thankful for the inspiring projects that have continued to come my way. 

My most recent work for WAI has been doing digital illustration for sublimation printed plush. Taking their plush sewing patterns, I draw the surface artwork which gets printed onto the plush and sewn together by the factory. Caroline Ward, company president and dear friend, conceived of a new line, Skelesaurs™, that shows the prehistoric creature's skeleton on it's surface- to give small paleontology enthusiasts an inside view, and connection with what they see in an exhibit or book. Pretty cool way to bring dinosaurs "back from extinction"!